From starting my blog, I realized how much I love connecting with others on social media. If you're a business or brand that needs some help rocking your online presence, check out my page 'Cheyenne Taylor Media'. If you're looking for some unique, vintage pieces, check out my new adventure Desert Threads. No matter why you're here or how you found me, stay awhile and let's hang.

Hi there! My name is Cheyenne Taylor and I am a blogger, dog mom, mental health advocate, wannabe chef, and way too many other things to list here. I started this blog way back in April of 2020 aka during the COVID-19 pandemic. It became my way to cope with what I was going through and share my struggles with whoever may want to listen. One thing you'll notice about my writing is that I don't hold back. I love using colorful language unapologetically and I will always tell my people exactly how it is. 

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Desert Threads is a business I dreamed about since high school. it just never had a name. I started thrifting as a kid with my parents and loved finding fun, unique and everything vintage! Flash forward to when Poshmark was first introduced to the world and I finally had a place to share my pieces. Now, I am always on the lookout for fun, unique, and 90s clothing or household items to share with you guys. Learn more about Desert Threads and make sure to follow us on Instagram so you never miss a new drop!

Here's to my fellow thrifters...