Desert Threads was born out of my love for thrifting. I used to thrift with my parents growing up and I loved finding all of the unique pieces. But my favorite part of thrifting was always sharing what we had found. In high school I made Poshmark when it first came out and fell in love with sharing my passion for secondhand items with others. Not only does it save you some cash, but thrifting saves clothing from going into the landfill and polluting our Earth. 

My goal with Desert Threads is to bring you all the most unique pieces from here in Phoenix, AZ aka the Desert ;) From vintage clothing (hello 90s!) to new and gently used pieces, I hope to bring a little bit of desert sunshine in your life with Desert Threads! 

About Desert Threads

We are also on Poshmark. If you see a piece on either of these platforms that you love, make sure to direct message us on Instagram for special pricing. 


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